things i would have said, if i were better at saying:

1. i don’t know how i’ll ever afford it.

2. four months ago the guy at the quickie almost didn’t sell me cigarettes and i’m still just as lazy as i am impatient, and i don’t have an age of majority card.

3. i’m scared of everything except you (simple).

4. i brought the drawer from my old bed out of the closet and put it in the window, to appear in backgrounds of blurred photos. now it’s behind the fish tank and still funhouse mirrored.

5. i miss your mouth, or just the way it never parted open.

6. the traffic is fantastic, it sounds dry & a little unhealthy.

7. nothing could have felt better than loneliness in that room, here it’s an ounce or so too heavy.

8. i feel childish & glad.

9. there is no way i’d ever really bother you with all these irrelevant, boring, boring thoughts.

10. beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice!

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