it’s official: i’m going on a #poetrytour.

Poetry Tour 2014okay guys… #itsallhappening

i am super excited (okay, like, beyond super excited) to officially announce that i will be heading on tour this october! four other poets (Cameron Anstee, Jeff Blackman, Rachael Simpson, and Justin Million) and i will be taking our poetry on the road & will be stopping by a city near you (hopefully!).

we’ll have chapbooks and broadsides on hand as well as a book just for the tour, published by Apt. 9 Press and featuring new writing by all five poets. the book, Five, is currently being printed at Coach House in toronto, as if i weren’t excited enough. in addition to new writing from everyone, you’ll also have the chance to hear first-hand accounts of our #poetrytour experience.

we’ll be reading in four cities (ottawa, montreal, toronto, and peterborough) over five days, all between long hours together on the road in jeff blackman’s honda accord. please visit our tour website for dates/times/venues, plus more info on the poets and the book.

you can also follow me on twitter, where i’ll be tweeting more info as we get closer to our tour kick-off date in ottawa. #anaccordofpoets #itsallhappening #poetrytour #yathatsright

Five days, four cities, one book (printed by Coach House Books, designed and conceived by Apt. 9 Press), chapbooks, broadsides, booze, two hotel rooms, men open mouth kissing, beards, black clothing, smoke, electricity, water, one sweet Honda Accord with the windows up and the music up and the leaves falling down, and YOU!

-Justin Million


you are cold and
getting colder, wet hair
frozen on the backs of your
shoulders. i am
watching. cars are
for us to get out
of the way, the narrow
road narrowing. they never painted
a yellow line here

i am watching the strands as
they harden,
spooling down
your back. you say it’s
been a long summer, a hot
one, although it
could have been hotter


i went somewhere important tonight
because it’s august


& it was the right place to be.

walked the rideau river in the dark, swing sets off rideau river road, sunnyside to echo, the long way through the side streets, east side of the canal, bay windows & balconies, no exit signs, main street, pretoria bridge and the canal back to home, fifth avenue.


if there were a choice i’d be scarred
and unpretty, you could
not hold it against me that i
wear mascara

we broke it off on the porch in
mid-august, over raccoon eyes, my
pigtails, that i’d been drinking beer
with my friends,
my oversized sweatshirt,
my lack of a bra

you smudge eyeliner off with the
back of your hand, play
finders keepers with
me even

i guess i am smaller than
you are in more ways than one


IMG_7957it’s my blog’s fifth anniversary today! or not actually today, because when i looked it up my first post seems to have been written august 4th, 2009. but i got the notification today, which means today’s the day i’m celebrating.

when i started writing this blog it was a way to get myself writing again, because summers are lazy, or just because i’m lazy in general, or whatever. i started the blog one night after i came home from work (the same office i work in now – i’ve been there for five years too. come to think of it i’ve been on twitter for five years as well. i guess 2009 was a big year for me. it’s also the year i met my boyfriend, even though we didn’t start dating until 2012, but that’s not as important as twitter, this blog, or my job.), and i remember feeling so discouraged that school would be starting again soon and that i’d barely read anything all summer that was just for myself.

i’ve posted about a billion poems here, probably, but this blog has also seen me through my apartment fire, my old bronson life, my quarter-of-a-century-life crisis,  my isolationism, me trying to sort some shit out,  feeling alive in the cemetery, not getting out of bed all day, adjusting to other human beings,  saying goodbye to my solo apartment, saying goodbye to my childhood friend. and some other shit too, i’m sure. not to mention my 2011 memory scrapbook, which i still think of fondly & remember spending so many hours making. best way to spend new year’s day ever.

i guess in a way i’m sort of proud of myself for keeping it going this long. i didn’t really expect that when i started, but here i am. there have been months where i’ve gone without writing anything, but then i always do again. and i know it’s kind of dumb to have a writing blog where i never even post anything i’d publish, but it helps just having it here. and i’ve grown kind of attached to it. right now most of my poems are under wraps for another few months, but i’ve been writing and it’s been kind of comforting, or something.

what i’m currently working on (super secret surprise poems)

random words of wisdom i found while walking to work

for ottawa.

your strongest part is
your autumn

frail dust from stale heat penetrates
asphalt, winter sets in

a cloak like a hard wall on
bay street, your arms like chain
fences holding in dogs without leashes

this is the top
of a hill that i
never wanted to climb

he says my sunsets are
beautiful. he doesn’t know how they

crash behind flat-roofed apartments,
die with the city before it gets dark